Conference Leadership

Board of Administration

The Board of Administration (commonly called the BOA) functions as the standing administrative committee of the conference between Annual Conference seatings. Their focus is to create and manage policy of the entire conference within the limits of the Book of Discipline. As with all Free Methodist Church leadership, the board is composed of an equal number of ministerial and lay (non-ordained) leaders.

Board Report

What a strange and challenging season we find ourselves in. Even during this time, ministry in our conference and through our local churches have not only continued but has thrived. Our ministries have become more creative and flexible, modifying and adapting with new tools and methods for caring for the people of God and bring the Good News of Christ to the world.

The Board of Administration has also had to actively adapt to our new realities. As the standing Annual Conference between seatings, we do not take our positions lightly knowing that it is our responsibility to represent you well. Because of that we are keeping two things in front of us as priorities; (1) The conversation about justice, advocacy, and diversity and (2) the impact of COVID on our local ministries.

In response to the financial impact of COVID, we have saved our ministries upwards of $100,000 and will continue to look for places where we can lower the impact so that our ministries can continue to do the necessary work of Christ. For the conversation regarding justice, advocacy, and diversity we are aware that while this has recently been brought to the forefront of our national conversation, systemic oppression is not new. We are reminded that one of our founding values was the freedom for all races to worship and live together. Before we make any new committees or task forces, we are committing to first understand the full extent of the problem.

We continue to keep you in our prayers and ask that you continue to pray for us as well. We thank you, the Church, for your faithfulness. May God strengthen and protect us all and may his grace and favor be ever upon us.

Serving Him With You,
Marla Jamieson
BOA Chair


Action Item Summary 2019-2020

Lay Members

2021 Term
Conklin, Hal

Duberowski, Carol

Garden Grove, Living Spring

Jamieson, Marla

Jones, Ted

Linstrom, Hugh

2022 Term
Canada, Joshua

Song, Ed

Warth, Laura

By Virtue of Office (BVO)
Collins, Evan

Ministerial Members

2021 Term
Boyce, Kevin

Hurley-Bates, Colleen

Marshall, Donna

Rittenhouse, John

Roth, Kelly

2022 Term
Alvarez, Soo Ji

Riverside, California Avenue Christian Fellowship

By Virtue of Office (BVO)
Prior, Glen