Conference Leadership

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is responsible for preparing for the annual conference a list of nominations for positions vacated by either resignations or expiration of terms; and reviewing board and committee memberships in light of the standing rules of the annual conference. As with all Free Methodist Church leadership, the board is composed of an equal number of ministerial and lay (non-ordained) leaders.

Board Report

The 2019-2020 FMCSC Nominating Committee has been hard at work since June of last year to help curate the list of nominees to serve on the various conference boards and committees. The Nominating Committee typically works year-round to solicit nominees from both lay and clergy from within the conference. We are honored to be able to identify and invite gifted clergy and lay leaders who help make decisions to continue to keep us on track with fulfilling our mission to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples. The Nominating Committee does the hard work of vetting nominees so that we have qualified and experienced leaders serving with their giftings on our various boards and committees.

This year, with the cancellation of the Annual Conference, we will not be asking for formal nominations, but we will still give recommendations for vacancies as the need arises.

Some highlights from our committee:

  • This last year, we have been able to provide position descriptions in both English and Spanish as well as a nominating web page in both languages for people to use to submit names of nominees.
  • We’ve seen more participation on these boards/committees from people of color and our Spanish speaking leaders.
  • This year’s board and committee members terms will not expire so that we have a continuity of leadership through May 2021. This continuity is crucial during this time of uncertainty, crisis and change for our churches and the conference.
  • We are a whole year ahead of where we need to be in order to be ready for nominations next year and we are really enjoying the feeling of being prepared this far in advance.
  • 2 of our committee members had healthy babies over the summer and during this major public health crisis.
  • Our various boards and committees have been working hard to respond to the current crisis and we are so thankful for the strength and wisdom of our conference leaders.

Respectfully submitted,
Soo Ji Alvarez
Nominating Committee Chair
On behalf of the FMCSC Nominating Committee


Process for Nominating Board Members

Lay Members

2022 Term
Cornell, Liz

Fenner, Sarah

Mendoza, Joe

Seyfert, Wendy

Ministerial Members

2021 Term
Guzman, Jannet

Moon, Emmanuel

2022 Term
Alvarez, Soo Ji

Riverside, California Avenue Christian Fellowship

Quintanilla, J. Alberto

By Virtue of Office (BVO)
Prior, Glen