Conference Leadership

Free Methodist Church USA

You are the Free Methodist Church. Without thousands of people just like you, being the Body of Christ for the world, there is no Free Methodist Church. Here are ways the church is impacting their communities for Christ.

Beyond the national crises, our Bishops are continuing to diligently lead the ongoing work of the denomination. To their credit, they are being both responsive to the immediate needs of churches and people and moving the work of task forces and committees forward.  It was only one year ago that they were elected to office if you can believe it, and recently they posted a brief update to all via Facebook.

Justice and Diversity Advocacy Task Force

Led by Superintendent Mark Adams, this group is working to develop a consistent national policy and approach for leading the FMCUSA in fulfilling our values and priorities.

Diversity Task Force

Superintendents Traylor co-chair this committee and have been providing excellent leadership toward understanding and engaging racism and diversity.

Restructuring Task Force

Co-chair Superintendent Pam Braman is driving this in cooperation with the Board of Bishops. They have continued to meet via Zoom over the past months and are beginning to work on evaluations of the internal departments and organization at headquarters. At the same time, the Board of Bishops are working with a national consulting coach and working to ensure our structures and mission priorities are aligned and well resourced.

Credentialing Department

Led by Bishop Linda Adams is working on standardizing the ordination process, requirements, and expectations across the denomination. While this may sound like a low level administrative item, it should be understood that this is a key to the Denomination’s future. How we identify, recruit, form, and train our leadership through pastoral development shapes how everything is actually done and are the key voices in framing where we will go in the future. Our own Jon Sato is serving on this committee.


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