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Ministerial Education & Guidance Board

The Ministerial Education and Guidance (commonly called the MEG) is responsible for qualifying, guiding, counseling, and mentoring candidates for ordination as they prepare for ministry. In addition, the MEG is responsible for pastoral accountability, disciplinary actions, and partnering in restoration. As with all Free Methodist Church leadership, the board is composed of an equal number of ministerial and lay (non-ordained) leaders.

Board Report

The Ministerial Education and Guidance was busy this year even with coronavirus. Our Chairs have done a fantastic job adapting to the realities we find ourselves in currently. Even with social distancing starting in March we were able to complete our MEG season using video conferencing. This year we interviewed 10 pastors for ordination, 7 seeking CMC status, 1 for reinstatement of CMC, 1 transfer elder, 6 voluntary reviews, and many administrative reviews. While we cannot celebrate together, they will be honored at Annual Conference 2021.

This past year we have taken a step forward in our mentorship and development of candidates by partnering with Rob McKenna and Daniel Hallak at WiLD Leaders. Their program scaffolded conversations about leadership, development, self-awareness led by our own Refugio Sanchez, Kelly Roth, Joe Alvarez, Soo Ji Alvarez, and Cheri Coleman. We saw great breakthroughs and are excited to continue this process with WiLD leaders this year.

Finally, our staff has been working with the denomination to make the process of ordination in the FMCSC more equitable, accessible, and repeatable. This includes standardizing ministry requirements, educational requirements, continuing education requirements, and the operational process of ordination. Be on the lookout for a new tool to be released by the end of the year!

Superintendent Team,
On Behalf of the MEG


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Incoming Leaders
Ministerial Members

Lay Members

2020 Term
Browne, Heather

2021 Term
Helmers, Gary

Jackinsky, Lisa

Monroe, Brian

Van Etten, Robin

2022 Term
Ashmore, Jan

Cornell, Liz

Jamieson, Marla

Moras, J. Guillermo

Rancho Cucamonga, Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

Ministerial Members

2021 Term
Davidson, Dan

Guzman, Jannet

Rittenhouse, John

Winslow, Dale

Zambrano, Gay

2022 Term
Coleman, Cheri

Loster, Shelby

Lugioyo, Brian

Marshall, Jr., Robert

Williams-Quezada, Michelle

By Virtue of Office (BVO)
Latchison, Charles


Prior, Glen


Venter, Fraser