Special Relations and Special Appointments ministers are Free Methodist Elders engaged in ministry in non-traditional ways. Usually these are conference members supporting para-church ministries and church plants but may also be retired pastors or educators who continue to follow God’s calling in their communities.

Each year we receive special greetings from these treasured partners and share them with the Free Methodist Church to encourage and challenge our members to pray and support these ministries and ministers.

Dan Bishop

I love Jesus and I know He loves me. I very much miss being in active ministry with the FMC; however, the Lord does give me strength to serve Him in several different ways. I praise Him for these simple opportunities. It is a joy to be involved in music, in a Small Group, to regularly pray with my Pastor, to counsel and to continue growing through a Bible Study I am a part of. It feels like the older I get, the Lord allows me to experience Him in many “new and exciting” ways for which I am so grateful. I thank Him for His faithfulness, provision, new mercies every day, and guidance as I look to the future. Greetings to the Annual Conference. I hope to spend some time with you if at all possible. Blessings to all.

Pat Bower

Following Jesus daily, in submission to His will, way, and work!

Jonathan Brewer

May our gracious Lord continue to bless and keep you all.

Abraham Chang

Thank you for your support and working for our conference. Despite the difficult season, let’s be bold and faithful to ourGod , because we believe that the future belongs to Him and we are His servants, whatever pain and bitterness could not defeat our faith. We are His and He is our Father and Savior from everything. Through the tough season, we had better pray for what our God wants now , speculate what we have to repent and wait for how God is guiding us.I pray all of our Free Methodist churches open our heart, soul and mind to know what God is leading the new world and future for His kingdom. Are you ready?

Donald Crandall

My prayer is for our pastors who are leading congregations during this trying time. May God bless each one of you. You are not going through this alone for He is with you.

Tom Davis

I am delighted by God’s abundance towards me and my family during these challenging days. We work with a vulnerable population and welcome them into the church as their new family. God does amazing things

Marty Edwards

Debbie and I have been in some form of Christian ministry since we were 17 years old. (We are now 65) This is the first year I have thought of myself as “getting older.” Motorcycle ministry can be a real physical challenge, especially as we travel (ride or fly) thousands of miles every year. God has blessed Black Sheep: Harley-Davidsons for Christ with a great safety record (one fatality in 21 years of hundreds of riders, riding tens of thousands of miles on motorcycles). He has expanded us into 4 countries and 39 US states. Our mission statement remains: “To introduce the world of motorcycle riders to Jesus Christ, for the purpose of making more and better disciples through the ministry of the local church.” Pray for us as we look for that person who can come in and assume the primary leadership of the ministry – a younger face with fresh ideas. Finances are always a challenge since most Christians struggle with seeing BSHDFDC as a “true missionary organization.” Our support comes from a dozen local churches and our membership. God has been faithful to BSHDFC for 21 years and we ride on in faith and anticipation!

Jimmie Estrada

I wish to send special greetings to all pastors and delegates of the FMCSC. I miss being with you, but the Lord knows why I can’t be with you.

Sincerely, Jimmie Estrada

Steve Fitch

I’m thankful for my FMCSC ministry family.

Julia Freedman

In this season of a global pandemic, I am grateful for the ways that Christ continues to draw his community together, even through social distance. I am continuing to preach regularly at a church in Cambridge, MA and while I miss FMCSC, I am grateful for my current position, the support of the Conference and the ways that Christ is moving in my life and ministry.

Roger Garza

May our focus and vision be to win more souls for Christ before He calls us home. Let’s keep looking up.

Idea Grigg

Wishing you the very best in your various functions/roles and ministry. May God continue to anoint you for the work He has called you to do in the extension of His Kingdom! May you know peace during this time of great chaos worldwide – The best of all, God is with us!

Rick Harrell

Greetings from Captain Compost in Oregon! God is richly blessing us with ministry opportunities and family time with our daughter and family living 100 feet from us. We have a guest room and would love to have you visit. You can sit and rest, learn the glories of composting, dig in with farm work, or any combination of those you’d like.

Maressa Jaikamur

Greetings Friends! I wasn’t sure what I’d do after abruptly moving to NY, but God has definitely guided me to something great! I’ve recently started working at a non-profit in NYC that provides safe housing and mentoring for women survivors of human trafficking. It’s been amazing to see how much healing and hope are in the lives of the women we serve. I’m so thankful for the new and creative ways I’m able to serve God and my community. I appreciate the continued prayers for me and my family. Miss you all so much!

Serounian Keir

I miss the Free Methodist Church– its warmth, its theology, its way of doing pastoral ministry, and my brothers and sisters in the ministry. I read the communications from the conference and the Board of Bishops and I praise God for what He continues to do in the FMCSC.

Moses Kwok

Do the best you can when you are young and when the door is open!

Jack Littlefield

I am supremely blessed at the middle school/high school where I teach! Almost every day God is doing amazing things! I greatly enjoy being involved at the Santa Ana Free Methodist Church. I often do pulpit supply, and I am available to fill in at your church.

Brian Lugioyo

Right now my heart is heavy with all that we are coming to learn more clearly about our world. I am trying to grow in wisdom and repentance and hope that this is a work we can all share in well.

Bob Managbanag

Continuing to marvel at the loving and transforming presence of Jesus Christ in the lives of terminally ill persons and their families- seeing the Spirit making persons holy in the hearts of the dying and those around them.

Kevin Mannoia

A life-changing year of new discovery and Kingdom work. More vibrant and in love with Christ and the Kingdom than ever!

Chris Monroe

Warmest greetings to all my sisters and brothers in the FMCSC — I so miss seeing and being with you all! My prayer is that you are well, and that your trust in Christ has never been stronger. I would also covet your prayers for me to successfully discern and navigate the path forward in my life and into whatever my next season of ministry should be. Join me in affirming Paul’s words in Romans 11:29, “For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” (NRSV). Blessings to you!

Michelle Phillips

Greetings to my brothers and sisters. I want to send encouragement. God is faithful! What seems impossible is possible in Him. God opens doors that no man may shut. His plan will not be thwarted. Our local church family is only a small part of what God is building worldwide. I cannot wait to see what He will do with a church that has had to be quiet before Him, listen to Him, and depend on Him during these weeks and months.

Karla Riggs

I have a life quote that says so much of where I am this year. “All the great loves of my life point me to the love of God!” Of course, He gives us wonderful loves and when I remember they are from Him, I cherish them more. If I honestly understand and embrace that, I am closer to wanting for nothing else. I have learned over some very wonderful and some hard years that even as I ask for His help and make the occasional suggestion, lol, I can trust His sovereignty. For all of us, COVID19 has made our jobs and life harder! I remind myself often and sometimes say out loud as I drive into the hospital/hospice parking lot, “You will go before me today and into every situation.” Indiana and California are not so far apart when we know who is working through us for the same ultimate goal. Blessings and Christ’s HUGE/faithful/generous LOVE to you all! Karla Riggs Norton.

Don Rogers

Together we are providing the Gospel of Christ along with ideas that are helping break the cycle of poverty for thousands throughout Africa. We are now IGNITING WORLD CHANGERS. Your church can “adopt” and impact a village area in Kenya through our Village 2 Village partnership program. This dynamic opportunity brings life to your missions program, committee, and a focus to your short term teams with long-lasting results in terms of life impact on the field. This is helping without hurting and there is a partnership God may have in mind with your church family that we can explore together.

I have also helped some FM missions committees develop a more effective strategy and key principles for their outreach and missions programs. Let me know if you would like to talk more about how I can help provide some input to your global missions program as well.

This year marks the 25 year anniversary for Empowering Lives International that was initially launched from Living Spring Christian Fellowship back in 1995. What began with a few people has grown to now employ over 100 nationals who are serving full-time in over 9 African countries. In fact, what has been a ministry has become a spirit-led movement as those we are training in skills and Christian leadership are sharing their transformation with others in ways we could not have imagined. Villages are being transformed by Christ and we are so grateful.

May God increase our faith and vision as we empower lives together,


Adrian AGE Sandoval

I was out with a couple of bikers, and we were asked to do a bike blessing at a major motorcycle gathering. So a few of us BlackSheep said we would. We showed up to the event and the wonderful opportunity to pray with some motorcycle clubs. These hard core bikers such as Hells Angels, Mexican Riders and more were in attendance and we had the opportunity through prayer to lay hands on them, pray over them and bless their bikes. One guy during the blessings looked up and said, “I really need this. This is an eye opener.” He had walked away from the Lord but at that moment felt a reconnection with his Savior. Amen to that. This is one of many stories of prayer while riding my motorcycle and going into the community where most would not dare to tread.

Earl Schamehorn

All through the years we have been richly blessed not only by our fellow pastors and their spouses but also by countless gifted lay leaders with whom we have worked. Many have gone on to Heaven. To those still living we send our warmest greetings and deep appreciation for their contribution to our lives.  Our many years of ministry in Southern California (and Arizona) have provided us with countless times of rich and rewarding fellowship. Warm greetings to all — and have a great Annual Conference Session.

Eugene Smith

Glory to God for who He is. I continue to look daily to His sovereign and loving hand around our globe and in each heart. He is our creator. It is to Him we continually put our hope, faith and complete trust to see us through this pandemic. May He be gentle and may more and more hearts be open to the salvation He has so freely provided!

Richard Sorenson

My wife and I both retired from the educational world and moved to Indiana. We recently moved in with my mother-in-law in an endeavor to help attend to her physical needs and to delay her having to move into assisted living. Realizing that I have a lot more years behind me than I do ahead of me, makes me want to make each day count for advancing God’s Kingdom in any way that I can. I continue to be grateful for God’s new mercies that I experience every day. Blessed to be a blessing is my heart’s desire! My wife and I are praying for the next chapter in our lives and are seeking God’s wisdom as to where and how we continue serving our Lord.

Denny Wayman

May the FMCSC continue to be a family of God connected in service for our Lord Jesus Christ. May our churches be strong and grow stronger in the years to come. May our young leaders rise up and take us to His preferred future. May our diversity be our strength and our Love be His sign within us. May our Freedoms be ever present in our lives, families, churches and conference. God bless all of you!

Gay Zambrano

Dear FM brothers & sisters, I hope and pray that God is truly revealing His love for you and your loved ones during this unique time in history: the COVID19 pandemic. It has been truly inspiring to see the church moving in new & exciting ways, using technology for good and for the glory of God. Please know that my husband Dan and I are praying for you! We would love to be a resource or of service to you in any way the Lord deems possible. 2020 is proving to be a time of great challenge and innovation. We all know our responsibility is ” to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.” We would love to help you in this task & will stand beside you in believing God’s promises to go before us all & prepare the way. Blessings & Peace to you all! Gay Zambrano Co-Founder Foundations In Creation/242 Ministries