Conference Leadership

Ministerial Appointments Committee

The Ministerial Appointments Committee (commonly called the MAC) is responsible for appointing qualified ministers to ministries and monitoring progress and growth. As with all Free Methodist Church leadership, the board is composed of an equal number of ministerial and lay (non-ordained) leaders.

Board Report

This past Annual Conference year we have much to celebrate. We have welcomed Pastor Mike Perkinson as the new lead pastor in Lake Elsinore, promoted Pastor Clare Ferguson Bravo to Lead Pastor in Pasadena, and have welcomed Pastor Kenny and Estelle Martin to Chapel of Change as executive pastors. We are excited to see what the Lord has planned for these ministries and the FMCSC with the addition of these wonderful leaders.

The Ministerial Appointments Committee is taking a more active role in appointments. Our vision is that the MAC would be a proactive committee meeting with delegates and pastors to not only find the best fit but also to encourage, hold accountable, and support. This year, as a delegate, please expect that the MAC will be reaching out. We are excited to take a more proactive approach and believe that we will see great results from our efforts.

Superintendent Team,
On Behalf of the MAC


Summary of Actions / Major Changes
Appointments List

Lay Members

2021 Term
Conklin, Hal

Duberowski, Carol

Garden Grove, Living Spring

Johnson, Faye

Wallace, Jon

2022 Term
Oriero, Serena

Ministerial Members

Whitehead, Matt

By Virtue of Office (BVO)
Latchison, Charles


Prior, Glen


Venter, Fraser