Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Beasley, Terry

How did you first experience God and choose to follow Christ?

My very first memory of experiencing God was when I was about 8 years old; before I would go to sleep, I would look up to heaven and say, “God if you are up there, I love you.” I was raised in a holiness church at a very young age. My siblings and I had no choice in the matter; our parents made us go to church every Sunday and midweek service. As I got older and was able to make my own choices, unfortunately I stopped going to church.

I believe and I stand on what the scripture says in Proverbs: “train up a child when they are young they won’t depart.” At the age of 25 years old I was invited to a month-long revival. Of course I waited until the last night of the revival and wouldn’t you know it – God saved and filled me with the Holy Ghost and I was speaking in tongues and praising God!

How did the Spirit guide you to your current ministry and what has God called you to do through your ministry?

After hearing Pastor Brian’s testimony I felt God leading me to help launch Chapel of Change. At this point in my walk with God; I had been involved and leading other ministries for many years, and came to a point where I was not really active in ministry anymore but just going to church. I was in a vacation mode – club med is what I called it – just attending church every Sunday and not having any responsibilities. But of course God began to ignite some things in me after hearing Pastor Brian preach his testimony, Young Man Arise. It was time for me to get out of the vacation mode and walk in what God was calling me to do. It was time to step up and feed His sheep; and to help men and women grow in Christ.

At that time I had been in ministry over 30 years and I felt God wanted me to be a pillar and a leader with wisdom and experience to pour into Pastor Brian and Chapel of Change. God has always given me a heart to serve his people and to give them fresh hope. I serve as the Campus Pastor at Chapel of Change in Paramount, CA where I oversee the leadership and help develop leaders and other ministries. I also lead an Ignite Marriage Ministry with my wife Deena.

How did you come to first be involved with the Free Methodist Church and why have you chosen to continue your ministry as an Elder in the Free Methodist Church?

My mother invited me and my then soon to be wife Deena to Light & Life North in 1998. I didn’t know much about the Free Methodist Church. When I met Pastor Larry and some of the members they all seemed to be genuine and very friendly. I remember talking to Pastor Larry after service the following Sunday and he remembered my name; that really made a lasting impression on me – soon after we joined Light & Life.

I have chosen to continue my ministry as an Elder ultimately because I felt the nudge of God. I believe in the core values of the Free Methodist Church and I believe God will and is using my life experiences to help grow the body into maturity. I may not have a testimony of drug addiction or prison time; however I know that God has me in a place where I can shepherd His flock and grow the kingdom.

God has given me a word for His people to remind them that He is the lawyer in the courtroom of their lives. He is a restorer of relationships. I have a burden to build up men and minister to married couples. In an effort to build community and connection perhaps someday I’ll organize a men’s or marriage conference not just for Free Methodist family but all denominations.