Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Penesa, Faafeuu

How did you first experience God and choose to follow Christ?

February 1st, 1991… My wife Beverly was invited by a family to visit their special, one-week revival they were having. I refused to attend the revival with her; I just didn’t want to hear about church. I was so broken and lost.

I was 24 years old and my wife was 23 years old. We were parents of two beautiful little girls: Jenesa, Jaylene. I was working a great job, but I was so broken up by my sins. That Wednesday night I said yes to the invitation and I went with my family that night to the midweek service. I heard the Gospel for the first time in my life. I cried that night as I raised my hand for salvation. I felt so refreshed for the first time – I felt a burden lifted off me. That night I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I made a decision that I was going to serve God for the rest of my life. 28 years later I am still journeying with Jesus, and I count it a privilege to be part of God’s Kingdom.

How did the Spirit guide you to your current ministry and what has God called you to do through your ministry?

The Holy Spirit really deposited into my spirit that it was time to part ways from my former church. I remember being at church Sunday morning, myself and the operation team we are all setting up. Suddenly, I sensed this nudging in my heart, but I began to question myself. I found my wife I shared with her what I had just experienced. She said she also believed it was time. I was shocked by her response. We both agreed we needed to pray and wait on God. This was July of 2017. We shared with our pastor and he was shocked to hear what was on our heart. He gave us his blessing and we began to pray about direction and where we would go.

A friend invited us to Chapel of Change. That first service we knew it was our new home. We visited a couple more times and we made a decision to pitch our tent at Chapel of Change. By October we became members of Chapel of Change.

My passion is leadership development. God is already using us for that here at Chapel of Change. We are enjoying serving in His kingdom.

How did you come to first be involved with the Free Methodist Church and why have you chosen to continue your ministry as an Elder in the Free Methodist Church?

Our lead pastor, Brian Warth, shared with me about the Free Methodist Church, and that Chapel of Change was a Free Methodist Church. I began to attend conferences and training courses. I love the Free Methodist vision and mission; its pursuit to establish diversity and women in leadership. I truly believe that the Free Methodist Church can help me to grow and pursue the purpose of God.

The Free Methodist Church has a rich and blessed history. I believe God is still using the Free Methodist Church. I love our world wide vision and our desire to help the poor, widows, and homeless. Free Methodism has a strong history with leaders like John Wesley. Free Methodists stand against slavery, and I desire to grow within the Free Methodist Church, learning about disciple making and leadership development. I want to also grow in knowledge of church planting and growing in mission churches. I love the process of developing Bishops, Superintendents, Elders, Pastor’s.